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Direct fast dyeing, how to dye fluorescent green
Jan 14, 2019

Cotton, sticky fabrics (especially human silk cotton fabrics) are dyed green, because the color is unusually bright and full of fluorescence, so the dyed dye is not big love non-Neilil bright yellow TGFF (Switzerland) _5 direct resistance Sun-green blue FBL (Tianjin) is none other than.

However, the big love fennel yellow TGFF is a medium temperature type dye, and its optimal dyeing temperature is 70-80 ° C, and the temperature will be lighter and lighter. The direct-fast blue-green FBL is a high-temperature dye, and the optimum dyeing temperature is 98-100 ° C, the dyeing temperature is lowered, and the color will become shallower.

 Because the dyeing temperature curves of the two are seriously inconsistent, and they are extremely sensitive to the dyeing temperature, the two cases must be mixed:

First, at the time of boiling temperature dyeing, the fabric in the middle of the reel has more heat-dissipating amount of direct-resistant blue-green FBL due to less heat dissipation and high temperature. The fabric at both ends of the reel has a relatively low temperature due to the exposed heat dissipation, and the direct dyeing of the direct-resistant turquoise blue FBL is small. Therefore, the "yellow edge" dyed sputum is remarkable.

 Secondly, the winding shaft of the jigger machine has a high heat conduction and quick heat dissipation. In addition, during the reciprocating dyeing process, the "head cloth" wound on the cloth shaft is dipped in the dyeing liquid, so the temperature of the winding shaft is low. Therefore, the cloth rolls are close to the fabric of the roll shaft (about 10 m), and the dyeing temperature is low, and the direct dyeing of the direct-resistant blue-green FBL is less, and the obvious "yellow head" dyeing is produced.

Due to the poor color synchronism of the big love non-Neilil bright yellow TGFF and the direct light-resistant turquoise blue FBL. If dyeing according to the traditional one-bath one-step method, not only the "yellow side" and "yellow head" dyeing sputum will be prominent, but also the cylinder difference or batch difference will be caused by the difference in dyeing temperature, especially the dye termination temperature.

        Experiments show that it can effectively improve the leveling effect and reproducibility by using a one-bath two-step dyeing process with a yellow color and a blue color.


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