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disperse light yellow 6G
Jul 20, 2018

Properties and USES

Disperse light yellow (yellow C.I. 114 #), 6 g dye alias: circle of disperse yellow P - 6 g, 6 GFS disperse yellow, disperse yellow SF - 6 g, 6 GSL disperse yellow, scattered light yellow SE - 6 GFL, dye circles are collectively referred to as scattered light yellow 6 g, a common force at 200%.

Look for the yellow powder. Calcium and magnesium ions in the process of dyeing color, there is no change in the iron makes light reddish, colored light dimmed in copper ions.

Dyes suitable pH value of 3 ~ 7, alkali not in dyeing and printing.

Colored light is pure yellow dye, the fastness to fair, and has good light fastness and dry fastness, good levelness and coverage.

Suitable for high temperature high pressure dyeing method and thermosol dyeing method, carrier is not suitable for dyeing. The suitable temperature is 210 ~ 220 ℃ of hot melt.

On the two cellulose acetate and three acetate fibre dyeing performance is good, can direct printing on polyester fabric, can't resist and discharge printing color.

Used for cellulose acetate fabric direct printing and thermosol dyeing of polyester/cotton blended fabric.

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