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How to clean the dyes?
May 23, 2018

If dyes met clothes,how to clean the dye?

1, soak in cold water, knead it down as far as possible make the stain;


2, hand wash detergent concentrate in besmirch place daub, completely cover the stains and let stand for 5 minutes, can gently rub), add conventional washing laundry detergent;


3, such as through the above method can remove stains


(1) pure white cotton, hemp, polyester material clothing: every half basin of water (about 2 liters) to join the white cloth color stains net specifications (600 g) 1 cap (40 grams), mix well, add clothes soak 30 min, rinse clean.


* as needed can be appropriately extended soak time, 2 hours after color stain removal, remove clothing, add white cloth color stains basin net every half basin of water plus 1 (cap), stir and add clothes to soak, accumulative total immersion length less than 6 hours.


(2) color or other material of white clothing: put clothes in a basin, stained part pelvic floor, with color cloth color stains net specifications (600 g) cap measuring a quarter net cap (10 grams) color cloth color stains and 1/4 cap (10 grams) collar net, pour in besmirch place, with no stain clothing other parts to cover the stains, prevent dry, let stand for 2 hours, rinse clean. If there is still a stain after 2 hours, not to increase the time let stand until the night.

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