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How to improve the fabric color fastness?
Jun 19, 2018

How to improve the color fastness of the fabric, the fabric color fastness is refers to the color fastness of textiles, hereinafter referred to as fastness, is dyed or printed fabric in the process of use or processing, subjected to external factors, extrusion, friction and washing, drench, exposure, lighting, water immersion, water damage and perspiration, saliva dipping under the action of fading degree, is an important index of the fabric.

Good color fastness, textiles after processing or use process is not easy to fade, poor color fastness, fading, discoloration, or stained with color will appear, and so on and so forth, cause a lot of trouble. Efforts to improve the color fastness to light, reasonable choose dye, in the aspect of improving sunlight fastness, dye selection is the key.

After all the dyes in the dyeing and printing will be left floating in the fiber color dye, dye dosage, the more float would also more fiber of dye for every dye adsorption has a limit value, namely the dyeing saturation value, general dye dosage can't more than about 10% of the saturation value. When the dosage of dye is greatly more than after saturation value, excess dye can't dye fixation, can only be accumulated in the fabric surface thus affect the friction fastness of the fabric.

Dyes to dye the bad, easy to fall off from the fiber, soaping fastness is poor, after washing not net, floating color have residual, also led to a decline in soaping fastness, soap lotion of temperature, pH and stir are influential to soaping fastness, color when the dye concentration on soaping fastness generally less affected, but high concentrations of dyes, dyes and fiber super saturation, the combination of the external force dye falls off easily, it also affect the soaping fastness.

Choose the sun high fastness of three primary colors, should choose anthraquinone blue spectrum, phthalocyanine light fastness good dye, such as sunlight fastness difference will affect the whole mixture color sunlight fastness. Content in the mixed color components is relatively small dye can choose the sun high fastness grade of dye, thus ensuring fabric overall level of the fastness to sunlight.

Good soaping, washing, as far as possible to reduce the amount of hydrolyzed dyes and floating color in order to improve the sunlight fastness of fabric, the choice of fixing agent, the main there are three kinds of fixing agent, cationic, not the surface activity of quaternary ammonium salt type and reaction type. The cationic fixing agent and the generation of dyes on the fibers lake, although the washing fastness is very good, but tend to reduce the dye original sunlight fastness, light color fabric should use less as far as possible or not.

Factors affecting soaping fastness, many factors affect the fastness of dyed products, but mainly depends on the chemical structure of dyes, the dyes on the fibers physical state of the dye dispersion degree, combined with the fiber, the dye concentration, dyeing methods and process conditions on the color fastness also has a great influence. Fiber properties and color fastness relationship also is very big, the same dye in different fiber tend to have different fastness.

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