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How to make the dye more easy to color
Apr 24, 2018

The direct dyeing refers to the good solubility of natural pigment of some plant dyes to water, and the dye solution can be directly adsorbed on the fiber. The dyes can be dyed by direct dyeing, such as safflower, freeze-green, etc. Mordant type is a kind of natural pigment of some plant dyestuffs, which has a good solubility in water. Although the composition of the dye can be directly adsorbed to the fiber, the dye fastness is poor, and a dyestuff is required to be dyed with auxiliaries or mordant.

There are also two methods that are suitable for plants, such as Cortex Phellodendri, Jiang Huang, gardenia and so on, which can be directly boiled, and then put into the cotton linen with demand dyeing. Most dyes can be conveniently dyed directly, such as onions, chestnut shells, etc.

Another kind of trouble is the restoration and dyeing, which means that some plant dyes are insoluble in water, and the need to use a restorative agent to dissolve them to dye the fibers and then to oxidize the dyes to insoluble and solid on the fabric. Such as indigo dyeing, the indigo that is insoluble in water is first restored to soluble saphenous Indigo in alkaline solution, and the fabric is dyed fiber, and then the fabric is ventilated and oxidize to insoluble indigo and is fixed on the fabric.

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