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how to use reactive dyes
Aug 14, 2018

Reactive dyes for cotton, the most commonly used dyeing methods: dip dyeing and rolling dyes.

Dip dyeing method: Dip dyeing method can be divided into one bath one step method, one bath two step method, two bath method three dyeing methods.

◆One-step one-step method: it is dyed in an alkaline bath, that is, fixing at the same time as dyeing. This method is simple in process, short in dyeing time, and easy to operate, but it is carried out at the same time due to adsorption and fixation, after fixing The dye can no longer be diffused, so the leveling and penetrability are poor. Simultaneous dyeing under alkaline conditions, dyeing bath dye stability, hydrolysis more.

◆One-step two-step method: first dye in a neutral bath. When the dye is close to equilibrium, add an alkali agent to the dye bath to adjust the pH to the fixed pH value (usually 11). Covalently combined with the fiber to achieve the purpose of fixing. The one-bath two-step method is a reasonable dyeing method in the reactive dyeing method, and it can not only obtain a higher dyeing rate and fixing rate. Moreover, it has a good leveling effect, so this method is commonly used for dyeing cotton knits.

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