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Points for attention in application of acid metal complex dyes
Apr 24, 2018

1. choose the dye carefully

Metal complex dyes containing copper, chromium and nickel are dyes that are made of metal complexes by using specific structures of dyes and metal complexing agents. There are 93 acid metal complexing dyes.

2. dyeing water

The hardness of the acid dyestuff is best at 100 - 150 mg/kg. If the hardness of the water is high, the 0.5 - 2S / L chelating agent can be added to improve the water quality and ensure the dyeing. However, the chelating agents such as phosphate or surfactants will destroy the integration of dyes themselves and affect the brightness and color fastness of dyes.

3. material method

Because the solubility of acid complex dyes is inconsistent, different treatments should be taken when chemicals are mixed. Generally, it is first made of cold water and then diluted with hot water or boiling water to dissolve it.

The effect of 4. acid

No matter sulfuric acid, formic acid or formic acid, they are all dyestuffs of acid and acid complex dyes. Sometimes, in order to further dye the dye, it is often necessary to add the amount of acid in the dyeing stage and later stage.

5. fabric pretreatment

Because of the presence of grease, paste, impurities and natural pigments in the fabric. Sometimes, it is not only necessary to remove the slurry, but also to be dyed after half bleaching.

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