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The main factors affecting dyeing
Jun 01, 2018

1, the influence of the fiber: because the microfiber leather in nylon fibre fineness is only 0.0001 0.001 denier, the dye adsorption speed is very fast, very poor levelness, and fiber is fine, the worse levelness; And fiber is fine, than the area, the greater the color rendering the worse; Fiber is fine, the easier the dye migration to the fiber surface, color fastness, at the same time, the fiber is fine, the dye, the washing fastness and rubbing fastness is poor. Dyeing of microfiber artificial leather, therefore, become a worldwide problem.

2, the influence of the non-woven fabric: if in microfiber leather, non-woven fabrics of uneven thickness, fiber distribution is uneven, also affect the dyeing effect.

3, the influence of the PU resin: if in microfiber leather PU resin distribution uneven, also affects the dyeing effect, different color performance of the resin at the same time, also affects the dyeing effect.

4, dyes, auxiliaries and dyeing technology: the influence of different dyes, auxiliaries and dyeing process can affect the dyeing effect.

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