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The reason that direct dyes are not suitable for dyeing jeans
Apr 24, 2018

Speaking of dyes, many people may think of the use of dyes on clothes. Most of the clothes we wear are dyed, and there are many kinds of dyes, such as direct dyes, acid dyes, leather dyes and so on. The characteristics of these dyes are also different. They play different roles in different places. For example, direct dyes are not suitable for dyeing denim, so what is the reason? Here we analyze it.

There are two main methods of dyed denim: one is dyed after weaving, and two is the direct dyeing of woven fabric. The former is dyed mainly by dye, its characteristic is color is deep, the main use of the dye is the vulcanized dye. For the latter, paints are mainly used for dyeing, which is characterized by better color and firmness.

For denim fabric, it is necessary to wash, wash and wear the denim before making the denim. Especially in the deep processing, we need to add chemicals and some even embroidery. If direct dyes are used, the performance of denim will change, such as the color fastness will be discounted. In addition, in the face of some physiological reactions, the color of the direct dye will be more serious, especially in the face of the reducing agent, the molecular structure of the dye will be destroyed, and the color will eventually disappear. Generally speaking, if the jeans are used directly, the quality of the jeans will be greatly reduced, and the impression is that the grade is low, but the direct dye is more suitable for children's clothing.

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