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Vat dyes dyeing method
Apr 24, 2018

Leucosomal staining is a method of dyeing the dye into a latent color body and adsorbing it in the dye bath and then oxidizing and soaping. It can be divided into dip dyeing, pad dyeing and pad dyeing. The chromophore impregnation is suitable for yarn dyeing. The dyeing and dyeing process has a poor core penetration and a white core phenomenon. Depending on the nature of the dye, different methods of recovery can be adopted.

(1) dry cylinder method: when dyed dyeing, some dyes recover slower, it is necessary to choose more severe conditions to improve the recovery rate of the dyestuff, this recovery method is called the dry cylinder method. The dry cylinder method is to restore the dye with a few water and the ancient oil or the powder, and then take part in the proper warm water and the regular amount of caustic soda and insurance powder to recover 10 ~ 15min under the regular temperature. After the dyestuff is fully recovered, the dye is filtered into the dyed tank rich in caustic soda and powder solution, and diluted to the required concentration for dyeing.  Color. Because the amount of water used in recovery is very small, it is equivalent to improving the concentration of caustic soda and powder, and the recovery rate of instant dyes, so that the recovery response is normal.

(2) full bath method: this recovery method is suitable for restoring dyes with faster recovery rate. The method is to dye the dye directly into the tank and take part in regular quantities of caustic soda and insurance powder, so that the dye can be recovered and can be dyed after 10 to 15min restoration. If these dyes are selected for more severe recovery conditions, it is easy to form hydrolysis or overrecovery of dyes, affecting the quality of dyed products.

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