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Ways to improve the fastness to sunlight of dyes
Apr 24, 2018

1, to improve the structure of the dye so that it can reduce the influence of the dye color system in the light energy consumption, and then adhere to the original color, that is often said, high sun fastness dye. Such dyes are generally higher than those of general dyes in terms of price.

2, if the fabric has been dyed and the sunlight fastness can not meet the requirements, it can also be improved by auxiliaries. In the dyeing process or after the dyeing, add the appropriate additives, so that when exposed to light, the light is repercussion before the dye, consuming light energy, in order to maintain the effect of dye molecules. Generally, UV absorbers and anti ultraviolet agents are commonly referred to as sun fastness improver.

Sun fastness of light colored fabrics with reactive dyes

The light fading of reactive dyes is a very complex reaction to the chlorination of light oxygen. When the mechanism of light fading is known, the molecular structure of the dye is designed to make some obstacles to the reaction of light oxidation and postpone the discoloration of the light. For example, the yellow dye containing Dole sulfonic acid group and pyrazolone, blue dye of phthalocyanine Zan and diazo three chelating ring, and red dye containing metal complexing, but still lack of bright red color resistant reactive dyes.

The fastness of the dyes is different with the change of the dyeing concentration. The sun fastness of the same dyed fabric progresses with the dye concentration, the dyeing concentration of the light color fabric is low and the sun fastness decreases accordingly. However, the fastness of the common dyes on the printed dye color card is determined under the standard depth of 1/1 (1%owf or 20-30g/l). If the dye concentration is 1/6, 1/12 or 1/25, the sun fastness will be greatly reduced.

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