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4 Factors To Be Considered In Choosing Dyes
Sep 26, 2018

1. Choose dyes according to the cost of dyes: When choosing dyes, we should consider not only the color and fastness, but also the cost and source of goods of dyes and auxiliaries.

2.  Choose dyes according to dyeing mechanical properties: because of different dyeing machinery, the properties and requirements of dyes are different. If it is used for dyeing, the dyes with higher directness should be selected; if it is used for pad dyeing, the dyes with lower directness should be selected, otherwise the products with shallow shade and uneven color will be produced.

3. Choose dyes according to the properties of the fibers: because of the different properties of the fibers themselves, they need to choose suitable dyes when dyeing.

4.  Choice of dyes for color matching: When color matching is needed, the composition, solubility, color fastness and dye uptake of dyes should be paid attention to. Due to the different dyeing properties of various dyes, the dyeing effect is often affected by the different temperature, solubility and dye uptake. Therefore, it is necessary to select dyes with similar properties, and the closer the better, which is conducive to the control of process conditions and the stability of dyeing quality.