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Bacteria Make Indigo Dye More Green
Jun 07, 2018

Nature chemical biology, a paper published online January 9 reported a from genetically engineered bacteria production environmental protection method of indigo dye. Representative usually comes from the indigo blue denim fabric. The synthesis and application of indigo dye biological method avoids the need for hazardous chemicals.

Natural indigo from plants, people for thousands of years have been extracted from plant indigo as a blue dye. However, modern society make people demand for the dye with chemical synthesis method on an industrial scale manufacturing indigo. The process used in a variety of dangerous chemicals, can cause damage to the environment.

Of the university of California, Berkeley, John Dueber and colleagues used by genetically engineered bacteria - they can produce a kind of indole phenol - related compounds created a method in the production of indigo "green". Indole phenol itself is not stable, but the researchers found that an enzyme, the enzyme can be through the indole phenol with a sugar molecules linked together, make its stability. This indican enzymes in bacteria, it can be easily separated and long-term preservation. Later, when dyeing, another kind of enzyme in cloth will directly indican into familiar indigo.

The researchers suggested that they now applied to industrial production method of making the indigo while it is not reality, but in the long run, may provide an alternative to the current chemical production process more sustainable and environmentally friendly method.

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