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Do Not Fade Dye Pigment Homologous To The Human Body
Jun 25, 2018

Want to know the oil drops and bubbles on the surface of what color? The rainbow - is also found in a peacock feathers and wings of the hummingbird - known as color structure, when the light reflected by microscopic characteristics on the surface of the object will appear.

But, when scientists to imitate the natural palette, they got the color is always "no common sense" brand: structure color is the rainbow color of nature, which means they flicker tonal cannot be used in the manufacture of fixed pigment. Melanin, for instance, the naturally occurring molecules endowed with unique human hair and skin color.

The researchers embedded in a special silicon coating a synthetic version of a molecule of melanin, and by adjusting the concentration of silicon in order to adjust the color, then had submerged hundreds of this kind of small particles.

Then, the research team to join the oil and water separation, so as to make the balls gathered into microcosmic upper "small ball". Upper in removing oil at the same time, the ball can be turned into powder dye, and can be used as traditional pigment.

But unlike traditional pigment, they won't disappear in ultraviolet light. Researchers have the related results published in the journal science progress. More important, because the melanin has biocompatibility, the paint not only can be used for clothing and pigments, and one day might be able to "lead" in the cosmetics and food industry.