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Dye Processing
May 24, 2018

Dye processing technology research content mainly includes the determination of the original dye and processing, processing aid performance research and design and selection of processing equipment and processing technology research.

A, dye processing has the following characteristics


(1) processing variety, because the dye is fine chemical products, general production capacity, variety, processing methods have certain difference, so the technology and equipment also is quite complex;


(2) dye factory need to adjust the dosage form or replacement varieties according to the market situation, request processing equipment should have a certain ability to adapt, muti_function change production equipment, has strong maneuverability;


(3) high technical content, processing and post processing includes many aspects, also involves many professional knowledge, in the process of machining there are both a physical change and chemical change, a number of factors both mutual connection and restriction;


(4) product quality requirement is high, the commodity dyes has a number of economic and technical indicators, some have made the national standards, production conditions, require stable operation, the operator should have a higher quality and strong sense of responsibility.