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Neutral Dyeing Of Spun Silk Reactive Dyes
Oct 08, 2018

Neutral bath dyeing is carried out under neutral conditions without alkali. In this case, silk fibroin is protected. But for the isoelectric point of silk fibroin, the pH value of the bath is still high, and the R H base ratio of silk fiber is in acid bath.

More, therefore, dyes and fibers are mainly covalent bonds, or in direct dye way with silk fibroin fiber binding.

The cotton is dipped with reactive dyes by neutral dyeing. Monochlorotriazine, vinyl sulfone and bi-reactive dyes are selected to activate some reactive dyes at suitable temperatures, such as 95 C for 60-90 min, and then heat preservation gives the dye enough energy to react with silk fibroin to form a covalent bond, which is the same as the bonding mechanism of cellulose fibers; after a period of heat preservation, the hydrolyzed reactive dyes are then adsorbed to silk fibroin in the form of direct or acid dyes.

Inside, then fix by fan Edward force.