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Plant Dyestuff
Jun 13, 2018

Human nature is contradictory, to one side to conquer and change nature, spare no efforts to rebuild the material world; On the other side and care for and love, always don't forget to purify the mind, do not lose the pursuit of natural beauty. In recent years, on the colour of nature, is such a process.

Not long ago, at the international green economy association's annual meeting in Beijing, in introducing green plant dyeing technology experts said the new type of green textiles now have six dimensions: environmental protection fiber, plant dyestuff, natural additives, green printing and dyeing processing, use, waste biodegradation or manageable hair regeneration. The plant dyestuff to medicine safflower pigment extracted from transition, lingerie, with extract of radix isatidis color printing and dyeing, men's underwear antibacterial health care. The listener find everything new and fresh, with longing.

Longtop comfort As natural natural vegetation

Is summer with all the year round, rich color, beautiful for it is a big world of colorful vegetation. Not seen industrial civilization of human ancestors, how they use color decorate their clothes?

From a large number of ancient documents and the excavated tomb items can be seen, more than two thousand years ago during the spring and autumn warring states era, whether princes and nobles or civilians, dress is a product of natural fiber, natural dyes, useless to pesticides, chemical fertilizers, no chemical synthesis of degumming, boil bleaching auxiliaries or wool scales tablet. The most ancient dyeing using plant dyestuff, among them a lot of herbs, such as traditional Chinese medicine and tea stain.

With the development of the second industrial revolution, machine production base to replace workshop handicraft industry, chemical synthetic dye invented and studied textile industry has brought the huge impact to the world. Is a nation of textile industry in our country, nearly 30 years, while promoting the development of economy at the same time also caused serious environmental pollution, textile dyeing processing and the use of synthetic chemical dyes and auxiliaries are different degree contains all kinds of harmful substances, harmful to people's health, especially in the manufacturing process of synthetic chemical dye generated by a large number of sewage treatment is difficult, high cost, create a lot of pressure to ecological environment.

So, the future development direction of textile industry is the imitation of ancient natural harmless, but also meet the demand of the fast pace of society. Hangzhou colour embellish technology co., LTD., general manager of specular east told science and technology journal reporter in an interview, has achieved a major breakthrough in the modern plant dyeing technology, can make thousands of colors, industrialized mass production, reduce the production cost of plant dyestuff. Natural plant dyeing are using natural plant flowers, fruit, skins, stems and seeds of extracting natural pigment dyeing processing, textiles for common varieties are: walnut peel, mast, wood, marigold, mulberries, turmeric, madder, bluegrass, safflower, five page, such as species diversity.

Analysis from medical Angle, he says, Chinese herbal medicine has health care function to human body, is a green environmental protection product, after natural plant dyeing wastewater treatment is simple and has good compatibility with the environment, non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, has good biodegradable properties. Choi embellish technology make out of Chinese herbal medicine plant dyes used in the clothing industry, investment to build the plant planting base of Chinese herbal medicine, pigment extract base and advanced multi-frequency ultrasonic equipment and technology as the foundation, and using natural plant dyestuff and natural additives in ecological processing of dyed fibre products factory, forming natural herbal plants dyeing industry chain.

With skin mutually close In giving gentle and relaxed

Many people choose clothes, only stay in the beautiful, such as color, style, ignore the function of clothing and health to the body health.

Have in recent years, according to a survey on the market at present lingerie quality sample, sampling percent of pass is 70%, unqualified products are mainly concentrated in the color fastness to perspiration is not up to the national quality standards. So-called perspiration fastness, it is human body sweating, fabric dye from sweat off and unload into the skin, may sensitization to the human body, cause cancer.

Specular east for science and technology journal reporter said: "close to the skin of the underwear fabric, will contamination in the process of wearing a lot of sweat, sebum and other body fluids, under the condition of a certain temperature humidity, be spawns a hotbed of various microorganisms such as bacteria, also have bad smell. And, if improper production fabric in printing and dyeing process, easy to have cancer may. So in the summer, people use traditional after sweat towel, on the toilet will be radiant with good smell."

According to these situation, choi embellish technology promote the ecological and environmental protection without chlorine bleaching processing plant dyeing of flax, hemp and jute and other applications in the textile and nonwoven, bast fiber such as flax and Chinese herbal medicine has natural antibacterial function, therefore, without adding chemical antibacterial agent, forming high security, high added value and ecological environmental protection functional fiber, yarn and other textile products. Made towels, socks, etc., its antibacterial rate can reach about 99%. And color fastness to conform to the national textile product basic safety technical standard GB18401-2010 "mandatory standards.

Suzhou days kam hemp rhyme new material technology co., LTD., chairman of Deng Peihua introduces to the reporter said: "to solve the problems existing in the underwear, now technical personnel to develop a 'boredom of pants, namely natural functional ecological pants, using antibacterial flax alternatives to traditional materials with poor permeability underwear. And then make out of Chinese herbal medicine plant dyestuff used on fabric, extracting pigment from red transition, lingerie, with extract of radix isatidis color printing and dyeing men's underwear, chemical dye fastness is reached.

With traditional underwear contrast experiment shows that this kind of underwear has the permeability, dry quickly and antimicrobial properties, change traditional men's shorts for crotch elevated temperature, humidity and oppressed feeling, influence the status of the health and comfort, can also reduce the female vaginal itching and the probability of disease of department of gynaecology.

In practice, the technical personnel will be natural plant dyes on dyeing wool, silk, cotton and flax fiber and cellulose fiber such as protein, found that natural, soft color, after processing can be widely used in knitting underwear, baby products and household clothes, wearing clean, comfortable, safe and healthy.

Return all industrial ecological fabric loop design

"Change the world one of 50 book on environmental protection" the reputation of "from cradle to cradle: circulation economy exploration of design", about the cherry tree from the surrounding soil nutrient rich fruit, but it does not depletion surrounding environment resources, on the contrary, spilled to the ground with his flowers and nourish the surroundings. Cherry tree of life is the cycle of "from cradle to cradle" development mode, while FeiChanXiang from growth to the demise of the linear development.

The concept of unity throughout the European Union environment mark, the whole ecological textile TAB: renewable and reusable resources, production process, in use process from pollution to the environment without a harm to human body and abandoned after natural degradation in the environment and does not pollute the environment.

However, the domestic in the process of traditional clothing, add dye additives, surfactants, and detergent residues after cleaning clothes, although when wearing no matter to human body health, but caused great pollution and harm to the environment. For example, Beijing city disappear assist comparison cashmere sweater test results on February 16, has 16 samples containing alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO), enter the body after such substances into the environment, it may cause cancer.

Is used for the science and technology journal reporter said, highlights the east plant dyeing technology of fabric is friendly to the environment, in does not add soft silicone softener still; Plant dyestuff production and products in the process of dyeing wastewater zero discharge; Do not contain formaldehyde, aromatic amine, and heavy metal exceeds bid is not; Wear old waste treatment and environmental protection. These features by visiting foreign mission, especially in the Nordic countries.

In order to expand the momentum of development, meet the market need, the current color embellish technology dye plants industry take taking "agricultural cooperatives" line, spinning and process after the hangzhou plant color textile technology co., LTD., shandong good Orlando plant dyeing technology co., guangdong revitalize international weaving co., LTD, suzhou jin ma yun, Texas hengfeng group together with plant dyeing industrial research institute.

At the same time, in order to promote plant dye industry rapid development of industrialization, the Chinese textile economy to green sustainable development track, choi embellish technology international green economy association was established on January 14, hand in hand "" plant dyeing industrial industry alliance, set up green printing and dyeing industry and textile industry cluster functions.

Believe in the near future, as the earth's depleted coal, oil and natural gas, a large number of chemical fiber textile products to the survival of humans will lose the raw material, return to natural fiber and regenerated fiber, and the dominant synthetic dyes will quit the historical stage, the grass and trees are heartless has meaning, dyed green plants will return.