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Printing And Dyeing Equipment Technology Development Trend In The Future
Jun 21, 2018

As the printing and dyeing enterprises in the production system of energy conservation and emissions reduction, the central control, energy measurement, dyestuff central distribution, development direction, such as waste heat recovery and water reuse, the development of dyeing and finishing equipment began to energy saving, water saving, environment friendly, automation, digitization, information, intelligence, high speed, high efficiency, low cost and high quality in the direction of development. In the next few years dyeing and finishing equipment technology will inevitably will develop to the following aspects:

1, improve the knitted fabric dyeing and finishing open width processing technology

Due to the particularity of the knitted fabric structures, most of the knitted fabric dyeing and finishing are now a rope batch processing, time, work, cost is high, the stability of quality is poor. Open-width knitted fabrics dyeing and finishing technology with short process, low cost, high efficiency and low pollution and other advantages, the key is in the process of machining, must keep a low tension, action time as short as possible, to prevent curling and wrinkling.

The open-width knitted fabrics dyeing and finishing technical characteristics

Companies such as high, the benninger open-width knitted fabrics bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing and washing production line, can improve efficiency, and can reduce machining cost, effectively promoted the knitted fabric of open-width continuous processing technology progress.

2, strengthen the research and development of digital printing machine

Than with traditional printing, digital printing will traditional printing cumbersome process simplification; The entire computer control, process automation degree is high; Suitable for small batch and many varieties, personalization, production flexibility; Rich and colorful and vivid color, printing precision is high; Reduced emissions of chemical waste and waste water.

Digital printing machine is key to shower, but shower nozzle core technology monopoly by Japan. As digital ink-jet printing is mainly stains, such as activity, dispersion and acid ink has matured, some varieties to achieve the localization, but the coating is the key technology of digital ink jet printing ink still failed to solve completely. In the future in this field still need to strengthen the digital printing ink low cost and can remove the nozzle of the key technologies such as research and development; Single Pass for the development of digital printing machine improvement, manufacturing and promotion; Digital printing with round flat screen printing machine improvement and progress.

3, the development of personalized, professional dyeing and finishing equipment

As the textile constantly emerging of new products and new dyeing and finishing technology of change, development to adapt to the new special dyeing and finishing of fabric dyeing and finishing equipment is imperative. In order to adapt to the development trend of dyeing and finishing equipment, personalized, professional, most of the dyeing and finishing equipment factory "modular" design and development of dyeing and finishing equipment. Modular biggest advantage is the parts of the design has good compatibility, the typical structure, the structure of the commonly used design into general device, different combinations between these common device is formed and changeable to adapt to the process of the dyeing and finishing equipment. This style of design is not only convenient for design and equipment upgrades to come, and, more importantly, dyeing according to the process variation can easily change the equipment process, maximize the function of the equipment.

4, automation, digitization, information for dyeing and finishing equipment

The future must be stepped up to the original automation, digitization, information of dyeing and finishing equipment. Upgrading the content includes: further improve the degree of automation, machine instead of manual; Increase the dyestuff, such as energy detection control system, digital reduce material consumptions; Acquire parameters information control system, to ensure the quality of dyeing and finishing; Reforming wastewater treatment, waste heat, exhaust emission monitoring platform, digital ensure energy conservation and emissions reduction, environment friendly.

5, the realization of intelligent update dyeing and finishing equipment

Implementation of dyeing and finishing production "smart" goal is to build a personalized, professional and highly flexible production mode of digital products and services. Therefore must: focus on intelligent manufacturing systems and processes, as well as the realization of the network distributed manufacturing facilities, realize "intelligent factory"; Involved in the whole enterprise but also the production logistics management, human-computer interaction, and 3 d technology application in industrial production process, etc.

In dyeing and finishing equipment intellectualization, on the basis of further to build intelligent and digital printing and dyeing continuous production workshop batch dyeing workshop, the integration of printing and dyeing production process online collection, intelligent color matching and automatic management, dyestuff central distribution, rapid detection of tire, such as system, achieve production MES execution management system, ERP system for project management and site automation integrated application of the SFC system, from a single equipment of numerical control to intelligent shift of whole factory.