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The American Association Of Textile Chemical And Printing And Dyeing Division Announced Browzwear Will Serve As The Contest Sponsor In 2018
May 30, 2018

The American association of textile chemists and dyeing division (AATCC) is the world's leading non-profit organization, since 1921 for textile professional services, based in the United States. Browzwear to join the association announced new sponsors, the company is a clothing design, development and sales of the main development company 3 d solutions. Its will provide consumers design competition in 2018 with sponsorship.

Will be on MacbookPro Browzwear, VStitcher software license and the form of paid internships awarded the first prize. In addition, they will also be in the form of VStitcher software license and paid internship as second prize. Browzwear internship will be a team to work closely with Browzwear3D product specialist, will learn the most advanced 3 d software. Interns will learn to use 3 d technology in the design process, and understand the importance of 3 d in today's fashion, from design to the sales. Gain the skills and knowledge will allow interns to have good jobs and other opportunities in the industry. Interns can choose to work or corvallis office in New York City.

2018 "sport throughout the adventure" subject contest will be set for students for a specific outdoor or indoor sports activities (bike riding, running, group fitness, hiking, etc.), the requirement is the need to design a can everyday clothes. This dress can enhance the experience of sports enthusiasts, as well as daily wearing. Students can play alone, can also be teamwork. Complete game guide can be get on the Internet. AATCC said, very pleased to welcome Browzwear as new sponsors, as well as the existing sponsors Pantone, Spoonflower, Datacolor and CLO3D also expressed approval of fashion design software.


The application deadline is April 11, 2018, the winners will be announced on May 14, 2018