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The Processing Technology Development Of Dyes
May 23, 2018

Dye variety, but in terms of its commodity physical form, can be divided into solid, liquid and slurry. Can be further divided into:

Solid state dye --, powder, granule, no dust powder, lump, flake, short columnar;

Liquid dye --, water-soluble liquid, dispersion;

Paste dye --, solid/liquid mixture.

Dyes are organic compounds, often in the presence of liquid under the condition of complete chemical reaction, therefore the world's first synthetic dyes first sold in liquid form, of course, the initial dye with regard to quality than far, now can only be considered to be today the original form of liquid dye. At that time, about 20% of the goods for the liquid, the liquid dye mainly is a mordant dyes and VAT dye.

By 1923, the British first selected additives added to the original dye and through crushing, made insoluble disperse dye aqueous dispersions. By 1910, most of the dye out water after processed into a certain specification of fine powder.

According to literature in 1924, when processed into fine powder, about 80% of the dye VAT dye has produced a wide particle size distribution, from very fine to 50 um powder dye commodities. But the original powder dye dust serious, the shortcomings of poor wettability.

After 1930, dispersion type of dye got further development, but there is still a dye easy to precipitate and storage stability of faults.

Now the liquid dye optimized various performance had improved obviously after processing formula, storage time can reach more than half a year is not bad, liquid dye with the low processing cost, easy to use and obtain continuous development.

Since 1950, the emergence of the sanding machine to promote the development of post-processing technology and adopting wet grinding sanding machine, can get a finer size distribution narrower particle. And improved the processing formula, make dye of fundamental particles has reached around 1 um, adopt new technology equipment production product quality have improved obviously, the water-soluble dye processing made greater progress.

With the progress of chemical machinery, chemical equipment, began to appear the granular dye. Granular dye apparent granularity of 100 ~ 300 um, have hollow particles also have solid particles, the liquidity is better than the powdery dye, wettability, dispersion, and also overcomes the drawback of powder dye dust float in the sky, the dosage forms appeared immediately was welcomed by the department of production and application, now many dyes were processed into granular products.

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