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What Are Disperse Dyes
May 17, 2018

Disperse dyes are dyes that are relatively small molecules that do not have water-soluble groups in their structure. When dyeing it, it is necessary to use a dispersant to uniformly disperse the dye in the dye liquor to dye polyester fibers. The main purpose of disperse dyes is to dye polyester fibers (polyester) acetate fibers (diacetate fibers, triacetate fibers) and polyamide fibers (nylon fibers) in chemical fibers, and also to apply a small amount of polyacrylonitrile (acrylic fibers). Chemical fiber textile products dyed and processed by disperse dyes have bright colors, excellent wash fastness, and are widely used. Since it is insoluble in water, it has no dyeing ability for cotton, hemp, wool and silk in natural fibers, and almost no staining for viscose fibers. Therefore, chemical fiber blended products usually require the use of disperse dyes in combination with other suitable dyes.