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What Are The Characteristics Of Reactive Dyes?
Apr 24, 2018

Reactive dyes contain reactive groups that can react with fibers, so they are called reactive dyes. It can be widely used in cotton, linen and viscose fiber. It is also used in wool, cashmere, silk, nylon and lacquer.

Printing and dyeing of cotton and other fibers has better color fastness. It is the fastest developing dye in the world. There are three types of reactive dyes: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. They are complete in chromatography, bright in color, safe and non-toxic, and little pollution to the environment. Because of many kinds of reactive dyes, different types of reactive dyes are different, most color fastness is about 4 grade, some can reach level 5, and it is the best dye for the laundry to be dyed. Reactive dyes are not resistant to chlorine bleaching, and the price is lower than that of vat dyes, which is higher than that of direct dyes.