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What Is A Cationic Dye
Apr 24, 2018

Cationic dyes are special dyes for polyacrylonitrile fibers. Cationic dyes usually use zinc chloride in the manufacturing process to precipitate complex salts. The content of zinc in the commercial products is high, usually 15% to 20%. ETAD understands that regular zinc is one of the heavy metals that need to be controlled in dyes. Therefore, the development of environmental-friendly cationic dyes is mainly a problem of zinc in dyes. After technological transformation, the new manufacturing technology no longer uses zinc chloride, but instead uses other environmentally and ecologically harmless precipitants, so that the resulting cationic dyes meet the requirements of environmentally friendly dyes, such as Viocryl Red GRLS of D&G Dyes, UK ZF 200%, Viocryl Navy FBL ZF, Viocryl Black FL ZF 200% and the like are all zinc-free cationic dyes.