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What Is A Laser Digital Printing And Dyeing
May 29, 2018

What is a laser digital printing and dyeing? Digital print technology belongs to the photographic industry cutting-edge technology, digital printing is to use the color film processing method, the digital image in color paper on exposure, the output color photos, this is a kind of high speed, low cost and high quality make a digital photo. The principle of digital print is more complex, which involves a lot of professional knowledge, each big manufacturer technology also is not the same, and have the digital laser printing technology and LED (light-emitting diode) print technology.

The rapid development of the digital camera to realize the instant the look, the characteristics of the simplified system. Compared with the traditional film, although can greatly save time, save the cost of the plate. But cannot carry, printing high cost but also the fact that does not dispute. Though, the user can also through the printer output, but regardless of is the size of the photo copy speed and consumption of materials cost to calculation, the cost of the digital several times almost to the traditional.

The digital color film processing processing equipment on the market in digital imaging (ae) technology has three types: CRT (cathode ray tube), LCD (liquid crystal), LASER (LASER) three.

7 inch laser digital print the price of 2 yuan, price of 300 to 600 yuan.

Mimeograph printing method compared with low production cost, simple process, small abrasion, high speed, widely used, etc, combined with the new light source, a new photosensitive materials, sophisticated photographic equipment and plate-making gradually scientific and the continuous improvement of printing quality, resulting in the development of the printing method, thus become the mainstream of today's printing industry.